AdSpy Vs. BigSpy: Which Ad Spy Tool is the Winner in 2022?

Do you want to know what your competitor is up to?

The Ad spying tool allows you to discover complete data on your competitor’s website or social media page. You can see how many ads they have when they were published and the cost of each ad. Use the ad spying tool and get a comprehensive report on their ads, social media posts, and more.

A powerful ads spy tool that allows you to see how they’re advertising, who their target audience is, and more. It will help you build profitable campaigns. By using the ad spy tool, you will get comprehensive data so you can make better marketing decisions.

Well, there are various ad spying tools available in the market that helps you to build a winning ad campaign for your business. AdSpy & BigSpy are the two famous and most popular ads spy tools which are used by thousands of marketers.

So to help you decide which one is the best ads spy tool here in this post, we are going to review AdSpy Vs. BigSpy.

Rollover! To check in-depth comparison between AdSpy Vs. BigSpy, which includes their features, benefits, pricing, pros & cons & finally, our recommendation to you.

AdSpy Vs. BigSpy: Which Ad Spy Tool is Worth Your Money?

AdSpy Vs. BigSpy


AdSpy is the most powerful and affordable ad spying tool on the market. With a few clicks, you can uncover ads that will help your business grow. It has several unique features, including uncovering the ads you need to see in one place, etc.

BigSPy Review

AdSpy is an advanced ad spy tool with global coverage, allowing you to get trendy products.

Its exhaustive search and filter feature, simple interface help you uncover thriving new products and compelling new campaigns.

AdSpy saves you money on testing campaigns by uncovering profitable new products and compelling new campaigns.

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Adspy is the leading ads spy tool that allows users to find lucrative advertising opportunities, like the next big product or campaign idea, for less than what they would have spent on ads with no benefit at all!


BigSpy is a free ads spy tool that provides you with the ability to monitor your competitor’s ads on 7+ different platforms. It includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and AdMob. This tool will allow you to see what their advertisements are targeting and how they’re doing it.

BigSpy Review

The user can then use this information to create better campaigns and get more exposure for their brand. It effectively spy on the ads of other networks for your business.

BigSpy is the popular ads spy tool that allows you to download the ads that interest you. BigSpy lets its users download any ad they want and track their ads, and view all the information about them. You can also track your ads and see all the details of them.

AdSpy Vs. BigSpy: Features List

AdSpy Features

#1. Enhanced Basic Search

Enhanced Basic Search

Are you tired of seeing ads that are irrelevant to your needs?

Do you want to know more about the ads that are around you?

Do you want the most accurate data on how your competitors are doing?

AdSpy allows for a deep dive into the world of advertising. This feature will show you what ads are being displayed on the website and how they affect it. It provides information about advertisers like their location, language, industry, and more.

AdSpy is a tool that allows you to track and analyze data from Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Its easy with its smart search function.

#2. Accurate Demographics

Accurate Demographics

Do you want to know who your advertising campaign is targeting?

AdSpy Accurate Demographics can accurately assess who an ad is trying to target based on their location, gender, and age range.

This gives advertisers the ability to make more informed decisions about how they advertise.

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#3. Big Data

Big Data

Do you want to be the first to know about a product’s success? AdSpy has the largest selection of data. This feature allows you to monitor what products are trending. It provides insights into consumer behavior, ratings and reviews, ad spend, and more.

AdSpy collects and analyzes data about trends in digital marketing. It has the largest pool of data for your business, which means you can always stay ahead on the latest trends.

#4. Search Through Comments

Search Through Comments

AdSpy is a tool that allows users to monitor their competitor’s brands and their own brands. With AdSpy, social media users are labeling ads for you. The search through comments feature of AdSpy also helps you find out what people are saying about the competition and your brand.

#5. Calling Affiliates

Calling Affiliates

Are you tired of having to work with different affiliate networks for each offer?

Can’t find the best offers for your affiliate marketing?

AdSpy is the tool that will show you all of the ads and affiliates available. AdSpy has a database that allows you to search through the offers.

You can search by offer ID or keyword, see what others are doing to promote it. One can find the right offer quickly with this search engine that bypasses cloakers and gives flawless information.

#6. Rapid Interface

Rapid Interface

AdSPy has a database that allows for fast searching and finding. With its efficient programming, clear interfaces, one can take their Ads research to the next level.

AdSpy Logo

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BigSpy Features

BigSpy Features
  • Multi-Ad Platforms

BigSpy is the best way to manage ads across multiple social networks. It allows for live monitoring, ad placement, and analytics. All done from a single platform.

  • Big Ad Database

Do you want to maximize your advertising efforts?

BigSpy has a massive and profitable database that provides information on the ads of any company, all in one place. The database includes data from over 1 billion ads and covers over 100 countries.

  • Powerful Search

BigSpy is a powerful and intuitive ad research tool that allows you to find the best-performing ads in seconds. It allows its users to search and filter by ad types, countries, formats, industry type, CTA, date. You can even export your data in CSV format! It has an easy-to-use interface, so its perfect for beginners.

  • Featured Ads

It allows for quick access to information on products, services, and trends happening around the globe.

  • People Tracked

Do you want to find new ideas or niches? This excellent feature of BigSpy allows you to discover new ideas and niches every day.

  • My Tracked  

Is it hard to track the ROI of your marketing campaigns? BigSpy is a tool that helps you see how many people are clicking on your ads. It lets you know which ad campaign is working and what time of day performs best for those campaigns.

AdSpy Vs. BigSpy: Pricing Plans

AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy is a tool that lets you spy on competitors and find out what they’re doing with their marketing. It offers powerful features such as comparing search results, finding keywords, and uncovering which ads are converting.

AdSpy Pricing

As compared to its other competitors, it offers more data and features. If you are looking to buy this amazing ads spy tool, it costs you $149/mo, which includes unlimited usages.

BigSpy Pricing

If you are looking to save money on the ads spy tool, then BigSpy is the best option as it offers a variety of plans with flexible pricing. Their plans are designed for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

BigSpy Pricing

Anyone can even start with its FREE plan that helps you to test this tool at no cost. Following are the three major pricing plans offered by BigSpy.

  • Basic: $9/mo
  • Pro: Try it for 3 days for just $1 then only $99/month
  • VIP Enterprise: $199~499/mo

AdSpy Vs. BigSpy: Pros & Cons

AdSpy Pros & Cons


  • Offer a huge database of FaceBook Ads, which enable you to find any Ad on FB.
  • The powerful search filter to find winning Ads & products.
  • Great customer support.
  • Provide a free trial.
  • User-friendly dashboard.


  • None

BigSpy Pros & Cons


  • It covers multiple platforms.
  • Provide wide ads database.
  • Offer in-depth ads insights.
  • Powerful search filters.
  • Over 165million Ads volume.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • It gives free access for a limited time.

๐ŸŒŸ AdSpy Vs. BigSpy FAQ

๐Ÿ™„ What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the advanced ad spy tool with the most comprehensive searchable Facebook and Instagram ads database. Gather any information you need from your competition, including brands, products, and successful ads, to make well-informed decisions about your products.

๐Ÿค” What is AdSpy used for?

AdSpy helps its users to discover a ton of information about your competitor’s strategies and providing you the opportunity to save a fortune on testing campaigns. You can use AdSpy to know what your competitors are doing to succeed, so you can stop guessing and start winning.

๐Ÿ”Ž Can I try AdSpy for free?

AdSpy provides a free trial of 2000 views. So anyone can try AdSpy for free for spying on their competitors.

๐Ÿ”ฅ Is there any working AdSpy discount coupon?

Use the above-mentioned AdSpy coupon code and save $75 off on an AdSpy subscription.

โ“ What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is the high-level ad spy tool that gives you access to the information you want about your competitors. Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, BigSpy will help you track your competitors and find out what they’re up to – without their knowledge!

๐Ÿ˜Ž Does BigSpy offer a free plan?

Yes, BigSpy provides a FREE plan that allows anyone to test the features of this amazing ad spy tool for free.

๐Ÿ… Is BigSpy legit?

BigSpy is a legit ad spy tool for people working for advertising, SEO, marketing, etc. It is the most trusted and dependable tool for spying on your competitors. BigSpy is recommended byย 1000+ people, includingย Adam, Brian, Neil Patel, ATP Software, and many more.

๐Ÿš€ Can I get any working BigSpy coupon codes?

If you are looking for the active BigSpy coupon code that enables you to save some money, use the above-mentioned BigSpy coupon code and enjoy a 30% lifetime discount on all its plans.

Conclusion: AdSpy Vs. BigSpy | Which one stays on the top??

After reading this blog post, you should know that AdSpy and BigSpy are both great tools to use in marketing campaigns. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the best ads spy tools for your business is completely depends upon your preferences and needs.

Both the ads spy tools offer an extensive repository of ads. By using AdSpy & BigSpy, one can easily discover complete insight about their competitor’s marketing strategies.

Well, in this round of AdSpy Vs. BigSpy comparison, AdSpy is the clear winner. Use our exclusive AdSpy coupon code & enjoy a flat $150 OF on your AdSpy subscription.

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