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Are you in the online business? If yes, then you better know the competition for social media ads. Thousands of e-commerce businesses are coming up, and competitions are getting bigger.

On the other hand, when it comes to Facebook marketing, running Facebook ads is the most productive way to grow any business to the next height. Many companies have already started investing in Facebook marketing. Simultaneously, it becomes very challenging to become successful in it because of a lot of competition.

Here is where AdSpy comes from one of the great social media ad intelligence tools available at an affordable price. Check our detailed AdSpy review that describes why it is called the No.1 Facebook Ads spy tool that helps you spy on your competitor’s strategies.

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In-Depth AdSpy Review

AdSpy Review

AdSpy is the largest database repository of Facebook and Instagram ads worldwide that helps the audience view these platforms’ ads.

AdSpy is one of the most powerful Facebook, and Social media spy tool shows the largest database of Ads. The number is somewhere in the neighborhood of 74.2 million Ads from 12.7 million advertisers across 198 countries.

Key Features of AdSpy

The Features of AdSpy are:

#1. Enhanced Searches

Enhanced Searches

AdSpy provides an advanced search feature that helps search for any virtual Ad to narrow down the results.

The search criterion includes searches by:

  • Ad Text
  • Site Type
  • Media Type
  • Technologies
  • Gender
  • Landing Pages
  • Ages
  • Seen After
  • Daily Likes
  • Total Likes
  • Networks
  • Affiliate ID
  • Offer ID

#2. Extensive Data

Extensive Data

Over 12 million Advertisers are tracked by AdSpy every day. With this high amount of data, AdSpy provides the exact landing page.

#3. By Affiliates

By Affiliates

AdSpy is made in such a way that it impresses the affiliates. Affiliates are the largest address for the Spy Tools in today’s generation. The customer can search by Affiliate ID or Offer ID.

How does AdSpy help its users?

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AdSpy has a very simple interface that helps the customer easily discover everything they need to make better marketing and advertising decisions. The tool offers more search options to help the customer find the data he or she wants. It does this by allowing you to search by URL, ad text, page name, and more from user reactions in the ad.

Since AdSpy has the largest database, if there is a trending product that the customer needs to know about as a dropshipper, AdSpy already knows about it. That is how helpful AdSpy is.

If there is a great offer, one can search by its ID and see how the rivals are promoting it. AdSpy offers an amount of 74 million.

AdSpy is one such platform that helps to spy on rivals and competitors and improve one’s own marketing skills. It provides the easiest way to search for any virtual ads. This is one of the best spy tools that has the largest database and helps the audience to see the exact kind of ads he or she wants to see and also the most accurate and exact landing pages, URL’s, and redirection URL’s are provided, which helps the customer to know exactly what is needed. Also, the Advanced Filter option is highly useful as it helps to narrow down the results according to the customer’s needs.

More than 75% of the American Buyers bought the products as they saw on social media, and it is found in a survey that 60% of buyers worldwide got their motivation from social media.

In AdSpy, as the customer scrolls through the ads, one can bring out more advanced results by clicking on the “I” icon located at the top right-hand corner of every ad. This option will take the customer to the landing page URL and all the links within the landing page. AdSpy also gives access to data such as the ad that was seen last, how prospects reacted to it, and the long-running ones.

With the help of AdSpy, one can also search through the comment section of ads to monitor the competitors’ brands. This helps in seeing the positive feedback as it gives an idea of what ads to copy based on the number of audiences that have seen it.

It is also very important to check who the competitors are advertising to. AdSpy helps analyze the competitor’s followers and show where the customer can find them online and offline.

Thus, it can be known which countries they get the most engagement from, the influencers mostly sharing their content, and the pages that the majority of their buyers come from.

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AdSpy Support

As AdSpy has 12 million users, AdSpy’s support is quite impressive. As said on their website, someone from the team usually gets back to the customer within 24 hours when the complaint is received. It only takes a few minutes before the support team gets back to the customer.

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Pros & Cons


  • Massive database of Facebook ads is available.
  • Lots of useful, actionable intelligence is also found.
  • Search is enhanced, and the Landing Page is also fetched.
  • It is highly Affordable.
  • The customer can share the account without limits.


  • Searches are often timed out.
  • Some featured Ads on Facebook are spammed.

🌟 AdSpy FAQ

✔What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the ultimate FaceBook ads spying tool with the largest Facebook and Instagram ads database that enables you to search 150M+ ads from around 200+ countries.

✔How much does AdSpy software cost to me?

If you are looking to use AdSpy, it costs you $149/mo that allows you to access all its features. You can even buy AdSpy at an affordable price by using our exclusive AdSpy Coupon Code.

✔Does AdSpy gives any free trial to new users?

For 2000 views, you can easily start AdSpy free trial. Enjoy all the benefits of AdSpy for FREE. AdSpy free account enables you to discover the hottest and trending products, compile new ad campaigns, monitor your competitors, etc.

✔Is there any working AdSpy coupon code?

Yes, Currently, we have one AdSpy Coupon Code that you can use to enjoy a $75 discount.

✔Does AdSpy allow me to find trending dropshipping ads?

As we all know, AdSpy is the leading ads spying tool that permits you to uncover the hottest dropshipping ads.

✔Is AdSpy a beneficial platform for affiliate marketing?

AdSpy is not only the best social ad intelligence tool but also a profitable affiliate marketing tools. AdSpy gives you all the details about top ranking offers and ads running by other affiliates. One can even track affiliate competitors by simply hunting for their Affiliate ID, Offer ID, and Affiliate Network.

Conclusion: AdSpy Review + $150 OFF Coupon Code 2022

AdSpy is the ultimate tool for spying on your competitors, which will help you generate the highest returns from your online business.

If you do not know how to run a winning ad campaign, AdSpy is the best option. AdSpy helps you to enhance your business through a successful ad campaign as it brings quality traffic to your ad campaigns.

At last, do not forget to use our exclusive AdSpy coupon code + AdSpy free trial.

Happy Spying!!😃😃

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