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As an affiliate marketer or a dropshipper, it’s essential to spy on the competition and their internet marketing campaign. Spying ads helps any business to understand what their rivals are doing. Also, it helps to unlock better marketing ideas along with creatives for your own business.

But with so many ad spy tools available in the market today, it gets difficult to choose the right one. Today’s internet world needs more databases and active information. Despite the niche or domain you are working in. One can instantly understand their competition level and demand.

Hence in this post, discover one such unique tool called AdSpy, and also don’t forget to look after the exclusive $150 AdSpy Coupon Code + Free Trial.

AdSpy Review + $150 AdSpy Coupon Code

AdSpy Coupon Code

More than 75% of businesses made a gradual shift in their advertisement strategies from the past ten years. Out of which, only a few businesses are doing well with their advertisements by staying unique. And AdSpy is a cheat sheet to spy and do well in the market.

The tool has the most impressive search functions through which one can spy Facebook and Instagram ads. AdSpy’s advanced filters allow users to grab any specific information you require. Moreover, if you are an affiliate marketer or a dropshipper, you can easily find the country and network tags.

Not just this, AdSpy displays the advertiser’s name, the ad copy, URL, and the landing page within minutes. Excited to know more about the features, have a look at the extensive AdSpy features below –

Unique Features Offered by AdSpy

The easiest way to track any ad over the internet is through different search engines, but it doesn’t offer many accurate results. Hence, here are some exciting Adspy features you must know before using the tool –

#1. AdSpy Data

Big Data

AdSpy tool has many audiences and a database of ads that are very important for running any campaign. Millions of ads are available in more than 80 languages so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Through the AdSpy tool, users can gain access to data for businesses in your domain and see data from anywhere. And with all of these, competing at international levels gets easier!

The Adspy tool will help businesses lead on the global stage without any trial and error formula.

#2. Comment Search by AdSpy

Search Through Comments

Customers and their reviews play an essential role in the product and experience. If any business wants to know the demand for a product in the market, then the only way is to learn via customers.

Many customers on Facebook give their feedback on the same thread itself. Through the comment section, the business can understand the audience’s needs and present to them what they want.

But it’s quite tedious to search several pages, and on top of that, it’s time-consuming as well. Through AdSpy’s comment search features, users can not only track down what people are saying about the competitor’s brand, just by a few keywords.

Dropshippers can stock their store according to the market’s demand. This tool is very handy while building a catalog for business. Thus the comment Search is the best thing one would ever have!

#3. Accurate Demographics by AdSpy

Accurate Demographics

Age, gender, income, marital status, and education level play an important role while running any ad, despite the platform. AdSpy uses all the above demographics to perform accurate and precise targeting.

Hence, through this, the chances of exceeding and wasting the budget decreases.

With the AdSpy demographic feature, affiliate marketers and dropshippers can easily identify potential audiences and share common positions and ideas. Through this, maximizing profits gets a lot easier.

Specifically, the tool displays a particular region, age group, mobile device type, interests, and other relevant information.

#4. Find Affiliate Ads

Calling Affiliates

Even though many individuals get into affiliate marketing as they find it a subtle way to make money, the reality is very different. There are so many jostling included in affiliate marketing, like selling affiliate products, branding the website, managing the audience, and many more.

Being a pervasive field, the Adspy affiliate feature can be of best help to both beginners and popular ones. Users can easily discover affiliate ads by just networking or searching for the offer.

Through this feature, you can spread out offers by you and promote them to the right audience. You can search for different affiliate marketers and their promotion strategies through the Adspy tool of the same product.

Also, there aren’t any cloakers to prevent any relevant information you need because the Adspy tool blocks all such problems. It gives relevant data from the landing pages themselves.

#5. AdSpy Interface

Rapid Interface

With so many features on the table, it isn’t easy to place it all at the right spot, and in this case, Adspy has done well. The tool has an intuitive interface, as all the data is well-presented.

They have fast servers through which one can go through its database as smoothly as possible. Surfing millions of data can be done within seconds, and that’s why it’s the best spying tool ever!

How Prompt is Adspy Support System?

More than 12 million active users of the Adspy tool, and hence, comparatively, we found the support service to be quite prompt and impressive.

To check this out, we reported a slight problem relating to the website to the support team. They replied within 24 hours. Sometimes, they even get back to the user within a few minutes, depending on their availability.

AdSpy Pricing | AdSpy Discount Coupon 2022

AdSpy Pricing

The AdSpy tool offers both free trial and paid packages, including a different range of features. We do not find the AdSpy pricing to be the costliest one as compared with its competitors.

One can buy the AdSpy tool for as little as $149 per month. With this, you will get a virtual key to peep into your competitors’ strategies along with several other features.

Just after you have signed up on its official website, you will get free trial credits. Make the best use of these credits to analyze the tool and its features.

But always be careful that you don’t waste the AdSpy trial, as, after that, you would have to buy the tool by paying $149.

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Pros & Cons


  • Deep search of any ads via keywords
  • Detailed information about active ads/products
  • The best tool for eCom owners (dropshippers) and Affiliate marketers
  • Highly accurate demographics, along with descriptive information of the targeted ad
  • The largest pool of data available as compared with different spy tools
  • 24/7 prompt customer support service
  • Easy scanning of current trends of competitors’


  • A pricing option is unfair for beginners; however, one can get it at a discounted price by using our coupon code.

🌟 AdSpy FAQ

What data does AdSpy provide? Is it useful for affiliate marketers?

Besides Native ads spy tools, AdSpy has a lot to offer to its users. It gives access to millions of ad data, landing pages, and a lot more for just $149 per month.

Why is AdSpy the no.1 social media spy tool?

AdSpy offers essential insights anyone will require to take their business to new heights. In addition to this, there aren’t any flawed content available with more than 100M databases. The tool updates automatically with fresh ideas and creative ads every day.

Does AdSpy help spy affiliate marketing ads?

Any affiliate marketer can get any information regarding landing pages, URLs, redirection URLs, Technology, demographics of their competitor’s websites with the AdSpy tool.

Is AdSpy useful for finding winning dropshipping ads?

Indeed, Adspy is useful to find winning dropshipping ads. All you need to do is search through comments and find the user response to a particular product.

Bottom Line:

It’s the Best Intelligence Tool You Can Ever Have – But Also Has Some Corners For Improvements!

By now, it’s essential to understand Is AdSpy worth the money? If yes, then what’s the reason!

We suggest you try AdSpy at least once if you have just started your affiliate or dropshipping business with limited funds. You can grab a good amount of insights regarding your competitor’s actions and strategies.

Also, if you are an experienced marketer or a dropshipper, then the tool is a must-have. The tool will surely save your time, efforts, and most importantly, money. All you need to do is, plan your week and scan all your competitors’ strategies before stepping ahead. This way, you can avoid mistakes and earn your potential profits in a limited time. To help you with this, here we are with a BIG discount, grab our exclusive AdSpy discount coupon and make the best use of it!

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